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Dogecoin News and Tipping

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Dogecoinis a phenomenal crytocurrency that is a combination of bitcoins and Doge meme. According to Dogecoin, News the geeks who perform a good deed on the Internet are given tips in digital currency of choice. Now as tipping in bitcoins is a pricey affair people are now opting for Dogecoin. This is also one of the reasons why only within a few weeks of its launch, Dogecoin has become the second-most-tipped currency.

This currency was popularized by an Australian brand and marketing specialist, Jackson Palmer and a programmer in Portland, Billy Markus. Interestingly the two have never met but have still managed to combine the year’s two greatest phenomena: Bitcoin, and doge.

For all those unfamiliar with this background the doge meme are images of Comic Sans thought bubbles in the imagined syntax of a devastatingly cute ShibaInu dog. It is just one of those Internet things but as the people loved them and soon they became popular and Palmer working in Adobe’s Sydney marketing department tweeted that it is going to be the next thing and people should invest in Dogecoin.

He partnered with Markus from Portland who had been trying to program his own digital currency and like the doge meme and felt that he should just make this coin. So he started reconfiguring Bitcoin’s sourcecode to turn its user-facing elements into the doge memeand Dogecoin was launched.

Soon it got picked up on reddit, and instantly exploded and according to Dogecoin News it is already the 13th-largest cryptocurrency and itsmarket value is of $8 million. In terms of technology it is more of a variation on Litecoin and the time taken to process a Dogecoin transaction takes is much shorter than for Bitcoin. Besides this they are also becoming popular as there are more Dogecoins that will come into existence than bitcoins approximately 100 billion Dogecoins versus 21 million bitcoins.

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